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6 Best Free Standing Dartboards!

A free-standing dartboard is the one that is built onto a stand or furniture that gives the dartboard the ability to stand on its own. This is the ultimate addition for your game room and a splendid opportunity for you to up your gaming tactics. Since you don’t have to drill holes into your walls, you can move this dartboard around – to wherever you want, whenever you want.

A point you have to note is that you have to find the right dartboard for your stand. If you are getting an electronic dartboard, like the 6 best free standing dartboards I have mentioned in the article, you need not worry about the dartboard. But, if you are planning to get a dartboard-stand separately, make sure that you find the right dartboard for your stand.

6 Best Free Standing Dartboards Available Online!

Hathaway Outlaw Dartboard Stand Hathaway Outlaw Dartboard Stand
  • Increased Durability
  • Affordable
  • High Quality
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Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Dartboard Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Dartboard
  • Multiple Game Options
  • Impact Resistant Cabinet
  • High Quality
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Shelti Eye II Electronic Dartboard Stand Shelti Eye II Electronic Dartboard Stand
  • Elegant Design
  • Improved Stability
  • Highly Visible Overhead
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Arachnid Cricket Pro Standing Dartboard Arachnid Cricket Pro Standing Dartboard
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Sturdy Nature
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Spider 360 2000 Series Dartboard Spider 360 2000 Series Dartboard
  • Increased Durability
  • Value For Money
  • High Quality
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Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Dartboard
  • Affordable
  • Improved Design
  • Durable
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I have provided a list of the 6 best free standing dartboards you can purchase online. You can choose any one of the following:


Complete with a built-in sound system and voice messages, the Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand comes with a functional electronic dartboard and darts. The dark-coloured wooden cabinet gives an arcade vide to your décor with a dartboard of standard size and built-in LCD. 

The set-up allows you to keep scores of eight players and has a selection of twenty-nine different dart games. This cabinet comes with sturdy wall mounts that ensure stability during the game.


The Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home edition Dartboard offers a beautiful, freestanding hi-tech device that you can rely on and trust with your ranking. The product also offers a build quality which ensures you do not have to think about any scratches, bumps, or dents. For years it will remain beautiful.

Unfortunately, this free-standing dartboard seems to be expensive and I believe that it is because the dartboard was built for commercial use. Yet, if you have got the room in your budget, there is absolutely no way you will be disappointed with the offers of the board.

The dartboard has a tri-colour LED illumination which makes the shadows issue virtually non-existent. Along with this, you will get an LCD monitor that is 19 inches long with a standard 15 inches target. I was very pleased to say this dartboard comes with 6 darts and hundreds of spare tips. So, if you lose a few tips or parts, you can always replace it easily.

The Spider 360 has an elegant design with a matte black finish with bright colourful letters and graphics.
The board can accommodate as many as four players and also offers a 13 inches board on the reverse side.
The whole setup provides you twice as much for one’s price.


The Shelti Eye II Electronic Dartboard Stand ranks high on our free-standing dartboard list. This pleasant built commercial electronic dartboard with a plywood cabinet is a set of tournament rates. Shelti Eye II offers you the possibility to experience and perform the game. This electronic dartboard is fitted with a hinge that helps you to quickly fold, mount, and transport. This electric dartboard is 30-60tested targets that offer fast matrix accessibility as well as game frontline segments. 

The Eye II comes to the display and features a visible, perfectly angled LED display. Due to the operation of the phone-style keypad and LCD design menu, it is very easy to set up different game configurations. The Operator will configure the all-programmable board computer. When you want to experience league play at home with your mates, then this dartboard is perfect.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard is one of the most durable and accurate boards that you can find on the market. The nylon segments make the board durable and the sensors make the board ideal for both advanced and beginner players. The board can support up to 8 players and comes with 24 games and 132 variations.

The board is manufactured to the standard measurement of 15.5 inches of the playable area. Also, it has a catch ring that absorbs the stray darts. Even though the dartboard is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price. The handicap feature levels the game for all the players.

The Spider 360 2000 Series Electronic Dartboard is the ultimate stress reliever after a busy day at work. Start a game and see the results immediately when your mind gets off work with a breather. Whether you are playing with your friends or playing by yourself, now you can have the dartboard of your choice in your backyard. 

The game of darts has been reinvented with electronic scoring to increase camaraderie and entertainment.  The built-in computer called “Mark Dart” is included with the dartboard which has four different levels. This AI adjusts to your style, forcing you to improve your play.

More than 40 game options with different variants of each game are included in this dartboard. It also has 6 darts and 500 soft plastic tips. The LCD monitor is 19 inches in size, with a 15 inches target. The tri-colour illumination eliminates shadows.

Playing solo, or hosting a multiplayer game, is easy on this tournament quality fifteen and a half inches electronic dartboard. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is the best option for advanced players. The durability of this model is improved by the nylon segment feature and the thin dividers minimize bounce-outs. 

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic dartboard can host a maximum of 8 players and supports thirty-nine games with one hundred seventy-nine variations. Without a doubt, this is the best electronic dartboard.

To Conclude:

Buying a free-standing dartboard involves a lot of research from your part. Even though it could be a great addition to your décor, purchasing the wrong dartboard could drag you down. Keep this point in mind when you hunt!
Happy Gaming!

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