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7 Best Dart Flights To Buy Online!

If you have ever played a game of darts, you know the non-importance you give to the dart flights. 

First things first, What is a Dart Flight?

Dart flights are the wing-shaped back end of the dart. Contrary to the popular non-importance given to the dart flights, it plays a very important role in the game of darts. The flight of the dart that you throw is determined by the dart flight. 

Read on to know more about the dart flights and the best dart flights that the market offers.

7 Best Dart Flights Available Online!

IgnatGames Dart Flights IgnatGames Dart Flights
  • Increased Durability
  • Affordable
  • High Quality
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CueSoul Slim Dart Flights CueSoul Slim Dart Flights
  • Very Affordable
  • Durable
  • High Quality
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Viper Dimplex Dart Flights Viper Dimplex Dart Flights
  • Extra Surface Area
  • Improved Stability
  • Excellent Gripping
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Winmau Rhino Standard Dart Flights Winmau Rhino Standard Dart Flights
  • Anti Loosening
  • Unique Design
  • Sturdy Nature
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Harrows Retina Standard Dart Flights Harrows Retina Standard Dart Flights
  • Increased Durability
  • Value For Money
  • High Quality
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Harrows Carbon Dart Flights Harrows Carbon Dart Flights
  • Affordable
  • Improved targeting
  • Durable
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Cosmo Dart Flights Cosmo Dart Flights
  • High Quality
  • Elegant Design
  • Affordable
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I have provided a list of the 7 best dart flights available in the market right now. You can choose any one of the following:


The IgnatGames Dart Flights is an ideal solution for any darting requirement. This comprises ten flight sets, each with a different style. All regular and slim sizes are available to match your choice, with six plastic flight protectors in each pack.

This option has a long-lasting polyester build that after a couple of games will not break apart. You can enjoy switching between colours, as each pack contains ten different shades. You won’t get sick of looking at certain flights with hues like gold, blue, red, and green.

One concern with the IgnatGames dart flights is that they quickly get damaged when playing with steel tips. If you are going to play with conventional darts, try using a slim or longer dart as this helps spread them out and avoid rips.


The CueSoul Slim Darts Flights are good quality flights that will give great value for your money! This is a perfect choice for using soft-tip darts and offering lasting construction. Such flights are made from long-lasting polyester and hold-up well with daily play. Their lightweight, slim construction makes it easy to reach your mark.

You are not going to have to worry about bounce-out rips or tears, as these flights are very durable. You have a pick between 30 and 40 sets which means you are not going to run low for quite a while. The downside to Slim Flights from CueSoul is a question of peeling around edges. You can note, after a few games, that the material is peeling back around the corners.


The Viper Dimplex Dart Flights deliver high-quality architecture and long-lasting construction. Such flights are a favourite for all players of all skill-levels and lead to improving gameplay.The dimpled texture makes the flight longer lasting and gives a smooth glide when in the air. The Viper Dimplex dart flights provide you with additional surface space to enhance control and result in more precise shots.

The Winmau Rhino Standard Dart Flight is a high-quality professional flight that will boost the way you play. Winmau is a popular name darting sports and with good reason.
The regular form is an excellent alternative if you feel like lobbing you darts or tossing them at an angle. The extra-thick construction by Rhino makes robust and lasting longer.
Such flights are also available in a variety of cool designs and colours. Clear colours, logos, and even flags are options.

The Harrows Retina Standard Dart Flight is ideal for players of any level of skill. If you choose to throw or lob the dart with a curve, then these regular-shaped flights will work well for you.
They deliver 10-micron construction which is not too heavy, these flights are a permanent choice and will last longer than any of the other available choices. Harrows Retina flights look sleek and are available in many different colours. 

You can turn the look of your flight according to your mood with black, blue, purple, and even lime-green colours.  The 100-micron Retina contains a long-lasting outer performance laminate making It an extremely powerful flight. It’s innovative and unique technologies allow for excellent results and help increase your accuracy when playing. This is an affordable choice, and along with the package, you will get 15 flights in all.

Do not be misled by the name. The Harrows Carbon Dart Flights is made of plastic. Not carbon. These regular darts are 100 microns thick and in five different styles, you get 15 flights in a box. Even though these darts are thick and sturdy, they tend to break easily. Also, they fit perfectly into the shafts, but they are not flexible. 

These flights have a significant effect on the stability and accuracy of the darts. A point of concern about these darts is the fact that these darts tend to break easily. Another issue is that they aren’t very bendable, so when there’s a dart on the board and another one hits it, the flights won’t bend, and the other dart won’t be able to hit the board.

The Japanese Cosmo Darts Flights are slim flights that come with an innovative way to screw them on the shafts. We have seen that these flights do not fall off and that they do not waste time in the corner, trying to screw the flights on to the shafts.
It is no wonder they have positive reviews combined with great quality and results. The drawback of these flights is that you need specialized equipment to handle these flights. They won’t fit with normal shafts for clipping.

Buying Guide For Dart Flights

When you are purchasing dart flights, there are certain criteria that you need to consider. I have listed them below. Read on. You can reply to the article if you feel that there are more points to be added.


There are two types of commonly used shapes of dart flights: Slim flights and standard flights. Other shapes are also used to make flights, but they are not as commonly used.

Slim Dart FlightsThey are used commonly for soft-tipped darts. The soft-tip darts are light and they require a strong throw to make them stick to the electronic dartboard. 

Also, the slim flights have lesser drag than the standard flights. If you throw in a straight line and use lighter darts, use slim flights. 

Standard Dart FlightsStandard flights are commonly used along with steel-tipped darts. The large shapes of the standard flights stabilize the flight.

They are best suited for people who throw their darts with an arch. The additional drag that the standard flights provide will lift the tail of the dart, correcting the angle.

Kite-shaped Dart FlightsProvides tight groupings and maximum control.

Pear-shaped Dart FlightsThe small area and unique shape provide minimum drag. These dart flights are the least likely to be damaged by an adjacent dart.

Lantern Dart FlightsProvides stability.

V-Wing Shaped Dart Flights: These are ideal for soft-tipped darts. Provide maximum speed and minimum drag.


The most commonly used dart flights have a thickness of 100 microns. The dart flights with this thickness are durable and have a good balance between strength and weight. 

The dart flights manufactured economically has a thickness of 75 microns. The dart flights of this thickness are usually light and fast but are easily damaged. 

Dart flights with 150 microns thickness are likely to stay perfectly horizontal at a 90-degree angle. They tend to more stable during flight and less likely to be damaged.


Two textures are used to make dart flights – textured and smooth. The texture of the dart flights is mainly used for fine-tuning the performance of the dart. 

Textured dart flights come with more drag and it keeps the tail of the dart up. Smooth dart flights have less drag and keep the tail down.


To wrap up, I know I have pinged a lot of ideas and information. But do not worry. You will get to know the dart flights that work best for you once you start playing your dart games avidly. Till then, try to learn more. 

Happy Gaming!


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