10 Best Soft Tip Darts To Buy!

10 Best Soft Tip Darts To Buy!

If you are into playing darts and you are looking for soft-tip darts, you have come to the right place. As a professional player and as the owner of a pub with our own weekend dart game tournament, I have had experience in dealing with darts and dartboards for a long while. In this article, I have listed out the best soft-tipped darts in the market. 

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10 Best Soft Tip Darts Available Online!

Viper Black Magic Soft-Tip Darts Viper Black Magic Soft-Tip Darts
  • Increased Durability
  • Affordable
  • High Quality
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CyeeLife Soft-Tip Darts CyeeLife Soft-Tip Darts
  • Rubber Set Included
  • Durable
  • Accurate Projections
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SANFENG Soft-Tip Darts SANFENG Soft-Tip Darts
  • Accessories Included
  • Improved Stability
  • Excellent Gripping
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Same Top Soft-Tip Darts Same Top Soft-Tip Darts
  • Anti Loosening
  • Unique Design
  • Multiple Applications
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Fat Cat Realtree Soft-Tip Darts Fat Cat Realtree Soft-Tip Darts
  • Increased Durability
  • Diamond Cut Shafts
  • High Quality
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IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts
  • Affordable
  • Improved targeting
  • Durable
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Viper Diamond Soft-Tip Darts Viper Diamond Soft-Tip Darts
  • High Quality
  • Elegant Design
  • Affordable
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CyeeLife Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts CyeeLife Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great After Sales Service
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Arachnid Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts Arachnid Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts
  • Better Control
  • Increased Durability
  • Higher Scoring
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Wolftop Soft-Tip Darts Wolftop Soft-Tip Darts
  • Increased Durability
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • Precision Machined Barrels
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The perks of soft-tip darts are listed below :

  • Soft-tip darts are a safer option among the darts. The risk of getting harm is significantly reduced if you are hit by this dart.
  • You can easily gift these darts – even to a kid. Add a magnetic or electronic dartboard to the gift, the kid gets a complete dart set.
  • Electronic dartboard allows you to play many games. Also, an electronic dartboard lets you keep track of the game’s progress.
  • Protects your décor from getting damaged

The Viper Black Magic Soft-tip Darts features an aerodynamic style. As a result, they float along the surface and decrease the drag, ensuring you will have a fixed high speed on your side. The pace lets the dart strike the board more aggressively.
These darts feature aluminium shafts for a more comfortable fit, with locking holes. This means you don’t have to tighten the shafts regularly after each shot with this model, either. Therefore, you can focus on the game. 

But, if you choose, you do have the option of using O-rings with these darts for extra strengthening. As the shaft and barrel can quickly unscrew, using an O-ring can be wise.
It is really easy to shorten the pipe. To secure it securely simply insert the wrench tool into the locking hole. The barrels have bands with anti-slip rings which allows a firm grip.
What is special about those darts is that they each have a bright holographic finish that gives them a very specific look. 

The barrels covered with black brass allow for improved balance and stability. The slim barrel is required if you want to get a closer grouping that will maximize your scores.
The darts weigh 18 grams which makes them heavier than other brands. And buy a storage box, the package doesn’t come with one. These darts can be used by beginners and advanced players and will leave you amazed.

The CyeeLife Soft-tip Darts are built to stick. When you encounter these non-sticking issues, just inform the seller and they will give tips for replacement. Similar to the other models, this professional darts package has the most pieces :
Tips – 180,
Barrels – 15,
Flights – 30,
Aluminium shafts – 15. For a better fit, these come with rubber loops for the shafts.
The tips are durable and are not easily damaged. This is uncommon with most soft-tip darts. 
Weighing at 18 grams, these darts are designed to be precise and provide you with a greater balance to help you develop your dart game skills.
The surface makes a tight grip throughout the game because these darts don’t slip. When you buy this product, you will get a long after-sales service irrespective of the issue you will be facing. A bonus is a fact that you can confidently gift these to your friend who loves the sport. The casing that keeps your darts well secured adds to the appeal of these darts.
Ultimately, these darts are units of high quality and they do not disappoint in terms of results. You don’t have to think about dropping off planes, because these darts, fly straight.
You have to be prepared to pay a little more because the package isn’t cheap.

The SANFENG Soft-tip Darts is designed for all skill level players, that means, beginner to advanced. However, they are ideal for players who prefer heavy darts as these darts weigh around 20 grams. The package includes metal as well as plastic shafts, so you can change the weights to match your preference and skill level. The barrel has a firm grip that won’t slip and control properties that require exceptional performance during a dart competition. 

You will find these red aluminium shafts very sexy, making it an ideal gift for your mates, including the women. The collection comes with a premium shell, making them easy to bring around. All your gadgets can also be packed neatly in this secure box. The deep groove pattern on the barrel allows for easier handling with a comfortable and strong grip. 

And since these darts are solid and fly straight, the chances of reaching the bull’s eye are improved dramatically. The flights are pretty reliable and will give you greater balance and accuracy.  Ultimately, this combination helps to decrease drag and increase speed. When you are searching for sturdy shafts, the aluminium shafts of SANFENG soft-tip darts with both locking holes and O-rings are sure to catch your eye. 

This means that you don’t have to constantly screw in the shafts during the game.  For this package, you can receive extra pieces necessary to replace the original shafts. Yet note that rubber tips are included and cannot be replaced with plastic tips. You’ll also consider the dart-tips smaller than other brands and they appear to bend quickly as a result.

A three-year warranty is provided for these darts.

After reviewing, you will find that Same top Soft-tip Darts are much smaller than the other brands, weighing at just 16 grams. And, you will get a total of 12 darts with this package. Generally speaking, these darts are built for any player, whatever their level of ability. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or a skilled dart player, this package is sure to be useful.

Since these darts are incredibly lightweight, even with added pressure, they are less likely to strike the electronic dartboard hard enough to damage it. It prevents the damaging of the tip prematurely. For this package, you will get three poly flight forms, an aluminium shaft, and a barrel designed to improve precision. Also, this comes with 100 soft-tip backups.

Same top thought about everything to make sure you get a trouble-free dart session. They have aimed at supplying a multifunctional tool that can be used to tighten the shaft. It can be used to open a bottle of beer too. Yet, chances are highly unlikely that you would be needing the tightening device, as each dart has O-rings to keep it tight and stable. 

The darts are unlikely to be disassembled even during a crash.
Overall, these darts are easy to throw but they’re likely to stick to the board because they have long shafts. The flights are not made of the highest quality either. The manufacturer has provided an elegant case for easy storage and transportation.

You will be pleased with the superior features Fat Cat Realtree Soft-tip Darts possesses for such a reasonably priced package. The barrels plated with nickel-silver and graphics give these an elegant look. They also feature a slim profile style that boosts your scoring chances. If you are a casual or intermediate dart player, this package is designed especially for you as it has been made specifically for beginners.

First, the fact that the barrel is built to offer an aerodynamic profile is hat sets this product apart from the rest. This feature helps the dart to lower drag and increase velocity. And thanks to this pace the dart will be hitting the board more aggressively. They’re really strong but lightweight going on to the shafts. The shaft features locking holes that are built to suit your barrel more securely. 

It also means you don’t have to think about daily shaft tightening if you choose these. The Fat Cat set also has tightly knurled bands and deep grooves to make handling easy. At any throw, the grip will stay strong. Yet remember that the grip area is limited for those with big hands. This collection comprises 3 high-speed flights, 6 shafts, and 3 tops.

But while the package comes with a slim case for holding your darts, many users find it very small. For additional toughness and protection, the tips are protected by a reinforced shell. You should find that the tips are easy to install and delete.

First off, IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts boasts both appeal and high-quality ergonomics, all beautifully displayed in an easy-to-carry case that comes with a magnetic closure.
Although it may be used by professionals for day-to-day use, others regard it as a great gift for casual players or beginners. 

Additionally, the box was smartly built with custom-made EVA protective that holds your darts safe and securely in place. To help improve targeting and accuracy, each barrel is built from medium-weighted brass, specifically designed for optimum grip and flight trajectory control. This makes these darts suitable to help beginners improve their technique.

If you are looking for the best soft-tip darts on the market offering good value for money, Viper Diamond Soft-tip Darts is the best option out there for you. There are several reasons to choose these as your next set of darts – this package comes with a set of 18 grams plastic tip darts, made from solid aluminium and come complete with a barrel of brass steels. We come in a 12-pack supported by 100 pieces of dart-tips and 30 dart-flights. They are made of high-quality tungsten (90 per cent) and nickel barrel (10 per cent). Apart from being incredibly trendy, they deliver fantastic balance and excellent ergonomic design.

The barrel has mounted intentionally knurled bands that have deep grooves. It is a practical feature that both helps with grip and adds a degree of elegance to the overall appearance.
With locking holes, the aluminium shafts are carefully cut to allow for tighter fitting. It would once again increase the overall consistency as well as help reduce the need to tighten the darts during play. Each kit comes with an extra kit of flights, nylon shafts, flight guards, and dart points as well. They weigh about 18 grams at each top.

The CyeeLife Tungsten Soft-tip Darts is a beautiful collection of soft-tip darts. As for this model, there are many features and interesting takeaways. The plastic dart holder itself is a bonus, as the darts do not need to be removed and they can be kept in one piece; it can be conveniently carried and comes with a nice key ring.

The CyeeLife soft-tip darts consists of 90 per cent tungsten, the shafts are manufactured from aluminium content and come with rubber rings and 30 tips made from plastic. The tungsten coating maintains high density and helps minimize dart size without compromising its stability and aerodynamic properties.

The Arachnid Tungsten Soft-tip Darts feature an ultra-dense barrel of tungsten 90 per cent, which also makes it very thin. And we know that thin darts allow better control which greatly increases your scoring chances. You are going to need time to get used to the grip. These darts weigh 18 grams, making them incredibly lightweight.

You will find three spare flights and three spare shafts with this package. You will get seven points too. You will find that the case of these darts is very compact, allowing for easy storage while commuting. This package comes with a one-year warranty, in case there are any defects.

Such darts are known as “soft” with a length of 3.6 cm compared to the normal length of the original darts. But if you prefer small-flights darts then this size will be right for you. They are better suited for tighter groupings because they are small. Such darts are relatively high in terms of longevity. 

Not many incidences have been reported of the tips breaking as is the case for other brands. But we do recommend buying O-rings for additional reinforcements, as the barrel tends to loosen. This is the package to be chosen if you are still new at darts and unable to spend a lot on a professional set. Investing in extra tips will be a smart idea too. Plastic tips will still crack, so it is better to have back and be prepared.

The Wolftop Soft-tip Darts is of high-quality weighing around 18 grams and comes with 5 flight styles. These also come along with an extra 60 pieces of dart tips. These are quite a few features worth noting like aluminium shafts that are unbreakable. The barrels are machined with precision and were crafted with the beginner and casual darts player in mind.
In short, the Wolftop darts are really good value for money, but they do come with a money-back guarantee.

Buying Guide For Soft Tip Darts

When you are buying soft-tip darts, there are some features that you need to consider. These are :


Heavy darts are suited for advanced players. The weight has a direct impact on its flight and balance. Although heavy darts are more stable, beginners will find it tough to handle heavy darts.

Number Of Darts

Soft-tip darts are easy to break. Hence, it is a good idea to have a greater number of darts on the set you buy. 

Barrel Material

The barrel material decides the durability of your darts. Tungsten is resistant to wear and tear. The higher the percentage of tungsten, the narrower the dart.
Beginners can go for darts with 70 per cent tungsten and advanced players can go for 80 or 90 per cent.
Darts with brass barrels are usually cheaper and are usually preferred by beginners.


The presence of grooves in the darts barrels provides easier grip and handling.

Dart finish

There are two types of tips available for soft-tip darts: Painted tips and titanium darts. Painted tips give the darts an extra appeal. These make for elegant gifts. Darts with titanium tips prevents corrosion of the material underneath.


To wrap up, you have read through our product reviews of the soft-tip darts and the buying guide. I hope this helped you come to a final decision. Do lemme know your thoughts on this article!

Happy Gaming!

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