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10 Best Dartboard Cabinets!

Darts has become one of the most popular games. It started as a pub game and the increasing popularity has made the accessories that are needed for the game to be highly coveted. The dartboard is the most essential part of the darts game. Practising on a standard dartboard increases your gameplay. In this article, I have listed the best dartboard cabinets in the market. I have prepared this list from my experience as an amateur dart player and also from extensive research.

Dartboard cabinets usually come as a set. Hence you need to know about your choice of dartboard before moving on to dartboard cabinets.  The standard dartboard that the World Darts Federation uses for their league matches is the London Dartboard. Also known as the Clocks Dartboard. This dartboard is made from different materials like wood, sisal, soft-tip plastic, and paper coil. It uses the traditional number system with a double and treble ring, and a bullseye.


The Manchester Log-end Dartboard is the toughest board to play on. It is double-sided, usually made from wood. This dartboard is dyed jet-black and measures 10 inches in diameter. Since the dartboard is black, the metal segment dividers and numbers are properly visible. The numbering system is different from the London Dartboard. This board needs to be kept immersed in water when not in use to prevent it from drying out.  


Another type of dartboard is the London and Ipswich Five Dartboards. This the same type of dartboard with the London five dartboard having narrower double and treble segments than the Ipswich Five dartboards. A fairly recent addition to the dart game is the electronic dartboards. It is comparatively easier to score on electronic dartboards as you will be using soft tip darts. Not only that, but you can also see your opponents via live feed. Even if they are from a different country. Although the whole world uses these dartboards, their place of origin was England. 


The variant of the game played in the U.S.A is called the American darts. The dartboard that is used for the game is different from the traditional dartboard.Basswood is used to make the boards, with rotatable centres. Most noticeable is the absence of the black and green colours of the standard board. Also absent is the bullseye. American dartboard doesn’t have the inner and outer bull, just one centre cork.

10 Best Dartboard Cabinets Available Online!

Thornton Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Thornton Bristle Dartboard Cabinet
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Desired Thickness
  • Value For Money
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EastPoint Sports Belmont Cabinet Set EastPoint Sports Belmont Cabinet Set
  • Value For Money
  • Easy To Install
  • High Quality
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Jack Daniels Dartboard Cabinet Set Jack Daniels Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Excellent Quality
  • Top Notch Build
  • Easy To Install
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Viper Stadium Cabinet Viper Stadium Cabinet

Easy Installation

Sturdy Build


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American Heritage Dartboard Cabinet American Heritage Dartboard Cabinet
  • Increased Durability
  • Affordable
  • High Quality
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Barrington Dartboard Cabinet Set Barrington Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Value For Money
  • Beginner Friendly
  • High Quality
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Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet
  • Elegant Design
  • Improved Stability
  • Affordable 
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Hathaway Outlaw Dartboard Cabinet Hathaway Outlaw Dartboard Cabinet
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy Nature
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Country Rustic Dartboard Cabinet Country Rustic Dartboard Cabinet
  • Increased Durability
  • Value For Money
  • High Quality
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King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet Set King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet Set
  • Elegant Build
  • Robust Design
  • Easy To Install
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 I have listed the 10 Best Dartboard Cabinets available online. You can choose any one of the following:


The most attractive thing about the Thornton Bristle Dartboard Cabinet is the low price it has on the market. That doesn’t mean that Thornton skimps out on the quality. This cabinet comes with plenty of spare parts, and the basic package comes with instructions for mounting. 

Even if you are the best gadget-and-tool-friendly person, you will find these instructions very easy to follow. While being a much cheaper model than many of its counterparts, it is made of durable sisal fibres and is of standard professional size. This means that you can play in a professional setting and have a league tournament experience without investing a bucket-load of money.

Another thing to note is that you can turn the score ring. This means that you can turn the areas of most damage, allowing it ample time to recover and heal. Of course, the main attraction of this cabinet is the low price. The Thornton dartboard cabinet is worth your consideration if you are looking to gain a professional darts experience at a lower price.


If you are a beginner or casual darts player, then EastPoint Sports Belmont Cabinet Set is the best option for you. It gives your game-room a professional look while staying easy in your pocket. This is a decent quality dartboard cabinet. While it may not last for many years, it is ideal for practical gaming experience and for reducing bounce-outs.
The accessories that come along with this set are impressive. 

The cabinet comes with six darts, dart-holders, an eraser, and a scoreboard. The cabinet is solid and durable, and we have had reports it accommodating any type of dartboard.
The EastPoint dartboard cabinet is our budget choice. It is a decent quality cabinet. But one drawback is that the measurements do not quite follow the professional standards.
It is perfect for casual players who are looking to complete their game-room.


I know you thought of a whiskey glass when you read the name “JackDaniels”. Don’t worry, it is a natural reaction the name draws out from people. But I assure you the Jack Daniels Dartboard Cabinet Set is very much real. JackDaniels is one of the most prominent manufacturers that dabble in producing bar games as well as the drinks.

The style of the JackDaniels dartboard cabinet is really good and this cabinet is solid and well-made. When debating closing the cabinet, the only drawback that we found was that the doors don’t close completely. Of course, this happens only at times, and it needn’t be a concern. But if you are a perfectionist, this might cause you some discomfort.

The package includes a bristle dartboard that fits in with the design of the cabinet. This will accentuate the décor of your game-room. The accessories that the JackDaniels provide are good. Along with the dartboard, you will get a scoreboard and six darts. You can rely on the JackDaniels dartboard cabinet and it is stylish too.

With a professional standard dartboard, the Viper Stadium Cabinet is one of the best dartboard cabinets that we reviewed.
The most attractive feature? The Viper Stadium Cabinet comes with an inbuilt lamp, which can illuminate your board. You don’t have to worry about the lighting of your room with this cabinet with you.

Apart from having a standard bristle frame, the cabinet features plenty of gadgets in addition to the lamp, including a scoreboard, a marker, an eraser, and darts. This ensures that you need not buy any extras – just get the dartboard cabinet and play away.

The dartboard is made from sisal fibres. The cabinet is made from hardwood. So, you can rest easy, knowing that both the dartboard and the dartboard cabinet are durable and can withstand the roughest of the blows. The only flaw that we noticed was that the dartboard comes with a plastic board and at times it doesn’t stick to the cabinet.

The American Heritage Dartboard Cabinet is a full-sized professional dartboard set that comes with a beautiful elegant look in its cabinet. It is a great piece of furniture to have in your game-room and gives your décor a rustic feel. The cabinet is made of wood and MDF with veneer and contains six darts and dart-holders. 

Two chalkboard scoreboard keeps the score for you. Plus point? You get an eraser too. The Z-brackets that come pre-mounted on the back provide easy mounting of the setup. The dartboard is made of sisal fibres and is consistent enough to handle rough use. The steel-tipped darts are also of high quality, and they come with their holders.

The stunning Barrington Premium Dartboard Cabinet Set adds elegance to your décor with a complete wood frame and an extensive crown moulding. If you have space and if you like the retro classic finish, Barrington Dartboard Cabinet is the right choice for you. 

The dartboard cabinet features a scoreboard on either side of the dartboard and dart-holes that are grilled under each scoreboard. The extra length of the top side of this dartboard cabinet gives you enough space to store your extra supplies. 

Another thing that you will love about this cabinet is the lighting. The Barrington dartboard cabinet has three LED light fixtures and it is placed across the roof. It shines directly downwards on your dartboard preventing you from lighting issues. This is an all in one kit which includes a dartboard and steel-tipped darts. You can easily get the spares too.

The Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet has a sleek streamlined style that is straightforward but still looks classy.
For this dartboard cabinet, you can select your preferred finish. Options for paint are oak, espresso, and mahogany.
The interior of this dartboard cabinet features a luxury galaxy-black felt backrest that looks fantastic with darker shaded wood. 

One side of the dartboard cabinet has an outs-chart and the other side sports a scoreboard with an eraser. The dartboard cabinet’s bottom portion has a myriad number of pockets and sleeves. If you are looking to quickly set up a dart in a box, this is probably the best option. You can also take your pick of the dartboard. I would recommend opting Razorback, which is an amazing dartboard.

Complete with a built-in sound system and voice messages, the Hathaway Outlaw Centerpoint Dartboard Stand comes with a functional electronic dartboard and darts. The dark-coloured wooden cabinet gives an arcade vide to your décor with a dartboard of standard size and built-in LCD. 

The set-up allows you to keep scores of eight players and has a selection of twenty-nine different dart games.
This cabinet comes with sturdy wall mounts that ensure stability during the game.

If you are looking for a rustic yet easy on the eye and wall dartboard cabinet, then Country Rustic Handcrafted Dartboard Cabinet is the best option for you.The cabinet shows off its distinctive design, whether closed or open. The pinewood planks are fixed together with metal plates of excess thickness. 

The iron hinges and handles give a typical rustic look to this dartboard cabinet that would blend in well with the décor of a bachelor pad. Although the inside looks just as nice and there is plenty of space for keeping your darts, there are no scoreboards. You can add your scoreboard. These dartboard cabinets are made in the USA and you can order it online.

The King’s Head Dartboard Cabinet Set is the best choice for a budget-friendly dartboard cabinet. The King’s Head dartboard cabinet has a solid construction on the front and an interesting style and meets all the requirements of a dartboard cabinet.

It has a ledge attached under the dartboard on which you can store your extra accessories. The dartboard cabinet does not come with an attached dartboard. Plan on getting a new dartboard. Probably sisal dartboards would help your game. I repeat, this is a budget buy. But you will not be disappointed with the results.

Buying Guide For Dartboard Cabinets

There are several factors that you should consider before choosing the appropriate dartboard cabinet for yourself. The various considerations include:


While purchasing a dartboard cabinet, your main focus should be the quality, not the price. But buying budget-friendly can help you in the long run, especially when there are quality dartboard cabinets available at cheaper prices. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional player, having a dartboard cabinet can help you improve your game and adds to your décor.


When choosing a dartboard cabinet, make sure that it has a decent warranty as this means that the manufacturer guarantees that the dartboard cabinet will deliver what it has promised. Different manufacturers offer a different warranty, so make sure that you check the warranty of the dartboard cabinet. 

Wall Bracket

Before choosing which dartboard cabinet to buy, make sure to think about how to hang your dartboard cabinet. Mounting the dartboard cabinet on the wall can be preferable. Most of the dartboard cabinets come with a wall bracket. 


Most of the dartboard cabinets come with a set of darts. You can also opt for a throwing line marker. All these accessories will help you increase your skill.

Dartboard Cabinet Size

The dartboard cabinet has to fit your wall. Otherwise, your purchase would have been for nothing. Measure your wall first, then look for dartboard cabinet options. Preferably, get a dartboard cabinet that is two sizes smaller than your wall. You will have ample space to move the dartboard cabinet around too.

Design of the Dartboard Cabinet

With many a selection of dartboard cabinet designs to choose from, it is up to you to decide how you want your dartboard cabinet to be – dark or light, embossed or plain, and so on. You can even customize your dartboard cabinet. It is up to you.

The Material of the Dartboard Cabinet

The material of the dartboard cabinet decides the durability. A dartboard cabinet made entirely of wood protects your darts and also your dartboard from dust and moisture.


Nowadays, scoreboards are a must-have in all the dartboard cabinets. Without question, the scoreboards help in improving your game drastically. 

There are three types of scoreboards: blackboards, whiteboards, and electronic boards. 

If your choice of dartboard cabinet does not have a scoreboard, we would recommend getting one separately. 

The Set-Up

Consider the room in which you want to display your dartboard cabinet. Then, and only then, proceed towards deciding on the dartboard cabinet. 

The dartboard cabinets either have to be hanged or have to be fixed. If you want a dartboard cabinet that is easy to move around, then go for a dartboard cabinet that you can hang up. 

Dartboard cabinets that require fixing are safer as they wouldn’t fall on you and harm you. The drawback? It will not have freedom of movement.


To concludeI would prefer the Barrington Premium Dartboard Cabinet. Especially for its looks and feel. Although the Country Rustic Handcrafted Dartboard Cabinet is also appealing, the extra accessories that need to be purchased kind of throws a wet blanket on it.

I hope this article helped. Do let me know your comments.

Happy Gaming!

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