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10 Best Dartboard Backboards

If you have ever played a game of darts, you have felt the dread of pulling a stray dart from the wall and seeing the damage it left behind. In this article, I have listed out the best solutions to this problem: the best backboard for your dartboard that protects your walls.

10 Best Dartboard Backboards Available Online!

Viper Defender III Backboard Viper Defender III Backboard
  • Ideal for Indoor Gaming
  • Durable
  • Easy To Install
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Viper Defender Dartboard Wall Protector Viper Defender Dartboard Wall Protector
  • Easy To Install
  • Affordable Price
  • Elegant Design
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Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard Viper Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard
  • Affordable
  • Increased Durability
  • Sturdy Build
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Viper Defender II Dartboard Protector Viper Defender II Dartboard Protector
  • Increased lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • Large Surface area
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Viper EVA V-Foam Dartboard Protector Viper EVA V-Foam Dartboard Protector
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
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Dart-Stop Dartboard Backboard Dart-Stop Dartboard Backboard
  • Increased Durability
  • Elegant Design
  • Affordable
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Cork Dartboard Backer Board Cork Dartboard Backer Board
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Increased lifetime
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Winmau One-Piece Dartboard Surround Winmau One-Piece Dartboard Surround
  • Affordable
  • Increased Durability
  • Easy Installation
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Dart-Stop 36 Inch Professional Backboard Dart-Stop 36 Inch Professional Backboard
  • Increased Durability
  • Affordable
  • Ready To Mount
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Trademark Gameroom Backboard Trademark Gameroom Backboard
  • Reveersible
  • Universal Fit
  • High Quality
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I have provided a list of the 10 best dartboard backboards available online along with their detailed specifications. You can choose any one of the following:


If you are a beginner, then Viper Defender III backboard is the best option for you in the market. This is because the Viper Defender III backboard covers a large surface area and provides more wall protection. This is a foam backboard which comes in 6 pieces and is ideal for indoor games. 

These pieces are like puzzle pieces that you can easily set up around your dartboard. The foam of this backboard is 1-inch thick, making it ideal for absorbing darts and protecting your wall. The black felt covering gives Viper Defender a sleek and elegant look.

This backboard accommodates only dartboards of a particular size. This model is compatible with 17.75 inches and 18 inches bristle dartboards. Another plus point is that this board is reversible, which gives it lasting protection.


If you are a beginner, avoid this backboard at all costs. Viper Defender Backboard does not leave much room around the dartboard for stray darts. This is a foam backboard, which is easy to install. The foam is 1-inch thick and the backboard set-up comes in interlocking pieces that can be mounted around your dartboard. 

Viper Defender Backboard is adept at handling stray darts and affordable, making it one of the coveted options available in the market. This backboard is affordable, but can only accommodate standard dartboards. 

Also, this dartboard loses its stiffness after regular use. This can be corrected by reversing the backboard as it can be used like that too. And it is just as good.


Viper Wood-Framed Backboard is a versatile option on which you can mount any dartboard. The mahogany finish of this dartboard adds elegance and beauty to your dartboard. The wooden core of this backboard, covered with a black felt makes the board durable and robust. 

The board is 1-inch thick and the wooden core provides rigidity to the board, allowing it to capture any or all of the stray darts. Viper backboard is easy to set-up with the mounting apparatus included in the package. Another perk of the Viper backboard is that it accommodates almost all the dartboards in the market. 

The easy to install Viper Defender II Backboard is durable and fits with any standard bristle dartboard. The high-density foam gives the right amount of rigidity to absorb the dart.  The backboard comes in four easily assemble parts and it can be rotated to increase its lifespan.

If you are looking for a casual game of darts in your own time, Viper EVA V-Form Backboard is the perfect choice for you.
The backboard can be easily installed and the foam makes it one the most durable options in the market.

Even though the surface area of the backboard is less compared to the other backboards, the 1-inch thickness of the backboard absorbs stray darts effectively. The backboard fits standard dartboards only. Also, the foam core makes this backboard eligible for indoor use only.

The Dart-Stop 29 Inch Professional Backboard is the more affordable option for players looking for budget-friendly backboards. The backboard is manufactured by covering the wooden core with a fabric finish for a “no-holes” look. The wooden core adds to the durability of the backboard. 

The board is available in black, tan, and burgundy colours and any dartboard can be mounted on it. The package comes with mounting bracket and mounting screws that enable sturdy installation of the dartboard on the backboard. The design is octagonal.

Even though the Cork Dartboard Backer backboard is one of the sturdiest in the market, I wouldn’t recommend this board for beginners. If you access the link provided, you will see that the board is very narrow along the sides. And also, it is not pretty to look at.

Despite its faults, the backboard provides enhanced protection for the wall from stray darts. The board has an increased absorption of darts. Since the board is self-healing, the holes made by darts also won’t be visible. One thing to note, you will have to purchase a mounting apparatus separately for the board. 

Winmau One-Piece Dartboard Surround is a polyurethane backboard that you mount along the border of your dartboard.
This backboard is exclusively used by advanced players.
The board offers nearly no protection. 

But, the board is 2 inches thick. The polyurethane material makes the board durable. The professional look of the board is added by the sleek, black design. The backboard is compatible with standard size dartboards only.

The sleek and round Dart-Stop Professional Backboard has made the lives of dart players very easy. The fabric finish gives the board a “no-holes” look and the installation of this board is easy. The backboard comes with a dartboard bracket, which enables the mounting of the dartboard without any additional issues. The bracket comes with steel mounting points, which secures the dartboard tightly. The package comes with an instruction manual and mounting apparatus.

The Trademark Gameroom Black Foam Backboard enables you to enjoy your game without any hassle. This backboard is perfect for standard 18 inches dartboard and the high-density foam-rubber material absorbs the stray darts. The setting up of this backboard is easy with interlocking pieces that go around your dartboard.

Buying Guide For Dartboard Backboards

So, you are out to buy a backing to protect your wall from stray darts. Then, you have to keep several factors in mind. They are :


The first point to keep in mind – look at the material before anything else. The material of the backboard determines its durability and performance. Backboards are made of four different materials: Wood, Felt, Cork, and Foam.

Wood: Wooden backboards were traditionally used since the time the game was invented. Even though wooden dartboards are sturdy, once they are damaged, they can’t be repaired.

Felt: Made from a wooden core and then finished with felt, these backboards are the luxurious options you would find on the market. They are very efficient against wear and tear, but they are an expensive option.

Cork: Let me give the bad news first, cork backboards are not pleasing to look at. With its raw brown colour, chances are high it might be an eyesore. 

Now to the good news, cork backboards are durable, self-repairing, easy to install, light-weight, and affordable. 

Foam: If you prefer playing indoors, this is the backboard that I would recommend you use. They are durable, easy to install, and looks sleek. Make sure that you don’t use them outdoors, the backboard can get easily damaged. If you are constructing DIY backboards, you can use cable reels, stick wine-corks to a board, or can even use ropes. 

Dartboard Compatibility

When you are setting out to buy a backboard, make sure to buy the dartboard before. And know the measurements of your dartboard precisely. Also, know that backboards are not manufactured according to universal measurements, although most backboards fit bristle or standard dartboards. 

These backboards come with the hole already cut out. You can easily hang the backboard around the dartboard. Keep in mind that if the backboard doesn’t fit your dartboard, there is no point in buying a backboard.


As with all the products in the market, for backboard too price goes hand-in-hand with quality. But with a little research, you can easily find quality boards at a lower price.

The Thickness Of The Backboard

When you buy the backboard, make sure that it has enough thickness to hold your dart. Foam and cork backboards absorb darts more than felt or wood.

The Surface Area Of The Backboard

If you are a beginner, I recommend getting a backboard with a larger surface area. I’ll leave you to ponder the reason behind it.


To think ahead, Do research your dartboard and backboard before you make the final decision. As you have seen many dartboards are compatible with a particular size of dartboards. Please make sure that your money is not wasted.

Happy gaming!

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