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The Baseball Darts Game!

If you got to a bar or a pub especially in the U.S you can always see a bunch of guys around a board throwing darts at it, ever wondered what is it or what are they doing? The baseball darts game is known for its accuracy, come on throwing a dart at the middle of a small circular board takes some talent and work right? It all comes down to practice because if you practice more then you have a lesser chance of killing someone with a pointy dart.

The game is called baseball darts and yeah it has nothing to do with baseball at all, no bats or balls so why is it called baseball darts? It is due to some terms used in the game and the structure of it which I will explain to you now so that next time you go to a bar you can play rather than just watching.

Why Is It Known As The Baseball Darts Game?

As I said before it is called baseball darts due to the terms and structure of the game. There are a total of nine innings and if it seems to be a tie then there are extra innings, each point scored by a player is called as run which once again has nothing to do with running they seriously need to consider changing the terms but that’s it, no more similarities between baseball darts and baseball other than these ‘innings’, ‘extra-innings’ and ‘run’ terms.

baseball darts

How To Play The Game Of Baseball Darts?

The rules are so simple that even your 3-year-old can start playing.
It can be played by a single player or multiple players too. Each player gets 3 darts to hit a target in each inning and if everyone gets a chance then we move onto the next inning. So that’s it? Nope, In the first inning, your target will be to hit number 1 and those are once again divided into sections because we have to make it difficult right?

Let me explain clearly, in the first inning your target will be number 1 part of the board which is divided into sections such as single section, double section and triple section. You guessed it right, if you hit at the single section you will get 1 run if you hit the double section you will get 2 runs if you hit the triple section you will get 3 runs, if the dart hits outside of 1 then you will get 0 runs and if it hits outside the board then it is possible that you just killed someone with a dart.

But Yes! These are the basic rules, in the second inning number 2 will be your target and players will once again take turns to hit it. This continues till all nine innings are completed, now you know why it takes so long for people to come out of the bar, it’s not the alcohol it’s the darts.

What Happens If The Game Is A ‘Tie’?

Baseball has ties, borrowing its name baseball darts should have ties too right? Yes. When the points at end of nine innings are equal and the winner is not able to be determined then the players will continue to 10th inning and then 11th, 12th and so on until a clear winner is determined.

How Are Points Scored And Recorded?

Classically, it is recorded in aboard. All the nine innings are written down before the match starts leaving some additional space for extra innings. The names of each player are written on the top and if you are playing as a team then a total runs column is added.


The Rule Variations

There is a variation in baseball darts called “7th inning stretch” where if a player does not score any run in the 7th inning of the game then their whole score is halved, such a chaotic rule right? If you are wondering who came up with this rule it was the U.S President William Howard Taft, good luck blaming him for your losses.

Dummy players: hen the number of players in the teams is uneven dummy players are called upon to even the scoring. They have a pre-determined score based on their skill level which is usually 5, 10 or 15. So if you are going to call a dummy player make sure that he has the skill, you don’t want to lose because your dummy had less value.

Interesting Tips For You!

As you know which is because I said before each player can throw 3 darts in each inning which means a perfect score for one inning would be 9 runs or points that are 3 runs with each dart. The perfect score for a game would be 81 runs, 9 runs in each inning for nine innings.

Perfect score in an inning has been recorded before but a perfect score in the whole game hasn’t been recorded yet, at least not to my knowledge. If you manage to score 81 runs then you are probably the luckiest guy in the whole world and I will personally get you a T-shirt signed by The Rock.


Baseball darts is a simple game in a nutshell which can be played at any time, anywhere and with anyone. The rules are simple, the gameplay is simple but it takes tremendous practice to get good at it and may take months or maybe even years become a professional dart thrower, once again professional in the sense you don’t kill anyone with a sharp and pointy dart. Good Luck Throwing!

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