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10 Best Dartboards For You!

Darts has become one of the most popular games. It started as a pub game and the increasing popularity has made the accessories that are needed for the game to be highly coveted. The dartboard is the most essential part of the darts game. 

Practising on a standard dartboard increases your gameplay.
In this article, I have listed the best dartboards in the market. I have prepared this list from my experience as an amateur dart player and also from extensive research.

Types Of Dartboards

It would be interesting to note that the very first bristle dartboard was manufactured by NODOR in 1939. The standard dartboard that the World Darts Federation uses for their league matches is the London Dartboard. Also known as the Clocks Dartboard. This dartboard is made from different materials like wood, sisal, soft-tip plastic, and paper coil. It uses the traditional number system with a double and treble ring, and a bullseye.


The Manchester Log-end Dartboard is the toughest board to play on. It is double-sided, usually made from wood. This dartboard is dyed jet-black and measures 10 inches in diameter. Since the dartboard is black, the metal segment dividers and numbers are properly visible. The numbering system is different from the London Dartboard. This board needs to be kept immersed in water when not in use to prevent it from drying out.  


Another type of dartboard is the London and Ipswich Five Dartboards. This the same type of dartboard with the London five dartboard having narrower double and treble segments than the Ipswich Five dartboards. A fairly recent addition to the dart game is the electronic dartboards. It is comparatively easier to score on electronic dartboards as you will be using soft tip darts. Not only that, but you can also see your opponents via live feed. Even if they are from a different country. 


Although the whole world uses these dartboards, their place of origin was England. The variant of the game played in the U.S.A is called the American darts. The dartboard that is used for the game is different from the traditional dartboard. Basswood is used to make the boards, with rotatable centres. Most noticeable is the absence of the black and green colours of the standard board. Also absent is the bullseye. American dartboard doesn’t have the inner and outer bull, just one centre cork.

Terms You Should Know About

Bounce-out: When a dart is thrown but it gets deflected by the wire or the surface of the dartboard. It is counted as a throw with no score.

Dartboard Wiring: The wiring that separates the segments on the board. It is usually known as The Spider

Dart-tip: The part of the dart that pierces the board.

Dart-barrel: The part the dart where the player grips the dart.

Bullseye: The centre of the dartboard is called a bullseye.

Double: The outer ring of the board. 

Triple/Treble: The inner ring of the board.

10 Best Dartboards Available Online For You!

Viper Shot King Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Viper Shot King Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • High Grade Darts Included
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Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard
  • High Quality
  • Soft Landing 
  • Self Healing
Check Price On Amazon
Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
  • Increased Scoring Area
  • Carbon Diffusion Technology
  • Easy Installation
Check Price On Amazon
Viper League Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Viper League Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard
  • Durable
  • Suitable for Steel & Non Steel darts
  • Increased scoring chances
Check Price On Amazon
Viper Razorback Competition Dartboard Viper Razorback Competition Dartboard
  • Affordable
  • Increased Durability
  • Galvanized Wires
Check Price On Amazon
Viper Dead On Tournament Dartboard Viper Dead On Tournament Dartboard
  • Increased Chances Of Bullseye
  • Affordable
  • Both Steel and non steel darts compatible
Check Price On Amazon
TG Champion Tournament Dartboard TG Champion Tournament Dartboard
  • Zero Assemblies
  • Self-Healing
  • Staple Free Bullseye
Check Price On Amazon
Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard Winmau Diamond Plus Dartboard
  • High Quality Board
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Reduced Bounce Outs
Check Price On Amazon
Cricket Pro 900 Dartboard Cricket Pro 900 Dartboard
  • Vibrant Design
  • Accessories Equipped
  • Minimal Bounce Outs
Check Price On Amazon
DMI Sports Bandit Dartboard DMI Sports Bandit Dartboard
  • Staple Free Wiring
  • Extra Playing Area
  • Powder Coated Numbers
Check Price On Amazon

Below, is a list of the 10 best Dartboards which are available online. You can make your choice and pick any one as per your convenience and designated use. These include:


The Viper Shot King bristle steel tip dartboard provides quality gaming experience and is a quality board for the price. This is a staple-free board, meaning the wiring is attached to the sides of the board for free rotation. Viper Shot King is a professional tournament size board, measuring 15 inches in diameter.   

The staple-free bullseye prevents bounce-outs and the rotatable number ring extends the life of the dartboard. The board uses thin galvanized wires that make the darts slide off the spider and force it to land on the target. 

The package includes 2 sets of steel tip darts and mounting hardware. It has been reported that some boards arrive with mouldy parts and fragile darts. Make sure that you have a warranty while buying and utilize it if the dartboard does not satisfy your expectations.


The Unicorn brand is popular across the world and adds its value to all its products. The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard is a bit expensive, but I assure you, it is worth its price. The dartboard is designed to enhance your gameplay to the maximum. 

The Eclipse dartboard is compact. Softer than the other dartboards, you will find that the bounce-outs are low for this board. The spider on this board is consistent with slightly bigger double and treble segments. The wiring is staple free. The colours are properly done on the board.

This board is specially designed for light throwers. Also, the segmentation is considerably thinner than the other wire dartboards. Unicorn eclipse is endorsed by PDC and world champions. The package comes with a checkout chart. Be sure to make use of it to increase your skill.


The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is one of the popular options on the market with an endorsement from the British Darts Organization. 

The board is very easy to mount due to the triple wheel lock-level system. Due to the thin spider wire, the chances of bounce-outs are very rare.

The durability of the board is increased due to the carbon diffusion technology used to manufacture it. The thin wiring, increases the scoring area of the board, making it one of the most coveted of the dartboards.

The Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard is manufactured by GLD products to have unmatchable durability. The dartboard is constructed according to standard tournament measurements, i.e, 18 inches in diameter.

The board is constructed from compressed sisal fibres and a staple-free bullseye, which reduces bounce-outs.
The steel compression outer ring keeps the sisal fibres tightly compressed, thereby increasing the lifetime of the board.

The radial sector galvanized wires help in sliding the darts, thereby increasing your chance of scoring. The board is suitable for both steel tip and soft tip darts. The package comes with a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser, one set of darts, and mounting apparatus.

Manufactured and distributed by GLD products, the Viper Razorback Official Competition Dartboard is made using sisal fibres , which increases its robustness. As the name suggests, Viper Razorback is an official dartboard measuring 18 inches in diameter. The board is self-healing and the staple-free bullseye reduces bounce-outs.

The chances of bounce-outs are greatly reduced due to the thin, galvanized wires. The removable number ring with the compression band extends the lifetime of the board. The appeal of the board is further increased by the accommodation of both steel-tip and soft-tip darts.

The Viper Dead On Tournament Dartboard is an official tournament dartboard constructed according to standard measurements. This dartboard accommodates both soft and steel-tipped darts. Viper Dead On dartboard is constructed from sisal fibres , making it semi healing. The board accommodates both steel-tipped and soft-tipped darts.

The strategic colouring of the board provides increased visibility even from a distance. The galvanized wire guides the darts inwards, thereby increasing the chances of you earning a bullseye. The package comes with a gaming manual and mounting hardware.

The TG Champion Tournament Dartboard is an impressive option for beginners. Cheaper than almost all the dartboards in the market, the manufacturer Trademark Games doesn’t skimp out on the quality. This is a standard dartboard, manufactured according to standard measurements, hence the name Tournament Dartboard. 

TG Champion is made of sisal fibres, making it self-healing and can fit into most cabinets.The spider wiring and staple-free frame reduces dart deflection and increases the chance of scoring. The package comes with a mounting apparatus and manual.

The British Darts Organization recommends the Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Dartboard. This dartboard accommodates steel-tipped darts. 

The angled wiring and staple-free bullseye reduce bounce-outs and increases scores. The removable number ring increases the lifetime of the board and allows easy board rotation.

The World Darts Federation(WDF) has been using DMI Sports Bandit Dartboard as the official World Cup dartboard since 1999. The chances of dart deflection are highly reduced by the use of an innovative wiring system, which has interlocking sisal embedded steel bands.

This special wiring increases the lifespan of the dartboard and also gives it better holding qualities. The package includes a mounting apparatus and structure.

Cricket Pro 900 is the best electronic dartboard in the market. Manufactured and distributed by Arachnids, this electronic dartboard can withstand any number of games. The dartboard has thin segment dividers that reduce bounce-outs.

This dartboard can accommodate 8 players and has an advanced voice prompt that announces the score. The package comes with soft-tip darts, extra tips, mounting hardware, AC adapter, and manual.

Buying Guide For Dartboards

There are many factors that you should consider before buying a Dartboard. These can be discussed under the following heads:


While purchasing a dartboard, your main focus should be the quality, not the price. But buying budget-friendly can help you in the long run, especially when there are quality dartboards available at cheaper prices. 

If you are a beginner, then paper coil dartboard might be the best option for you. But I would suggest playing on a standard dartboard, for the professional experience it provides.


When choosing a dartboard, make sure that it has a decent warranty as this means that the manufacturer guarantees that the dartboard will deliver what it has promised. Different manufacturers offer a different warranty, so make sure that you check the warranty of the dartboard.


Sanding provides a balanced playing surface in a dartboard. The quality of the sanding affects the sisal of the dartboard, increasing the lifetime of the dartboard. Low-quality dartboards do not have this. Beware!

Thickness And Density

The best dartboards in the market come with optimum density and thickness: not too high and not too low.
Optimum density ensures darts penetration and reduces bounce-outs. Bristle dartboards come with good density and thickness.

Wall Bracket

Before choosing which dartboard to buy, make sure to think about how to hang your dartboard. Mounting the dartboard on the wall can be preferable. Most of the dartboards come with a wall bracket. 
This wall bracket is attached to the centre of the board. Having a wall bracket makes it easy to attach it to the wall or a cabinet. The wall bracket also allows you to rotate the dartboard. 


Most of the dartboards come with a set of darts. Some dartboards come with cabinet cover. This cover helps protect your wall around the dartboard. You can also opt for a throwing line marker. All these accessories will help you increase your skill.

The Ink Used In The Dartboard

Quality dartboards use food-grade eco inks for colouring. This provides better visibility due to richer colours. It adds strength to the board too. This is also eco-friendly. 

Dartboard Edge

Every quality dartboard has a composite edge. This gives the board a modern look and also allows it to be rotated and adjusted.

Number Rings

The dartboard rotation can be easily achieved with a board that has a removable ring. The dartboard should be rotated to prevent uneven wear and tear. This allows the sisal dartboard to have even healed.
If the rotating part is not done, you will keep on hitting the same segments which stretch the sisals and the dartboard will get hard and dry.

Bladed Surfaces

Quality dartboards have bladed wiring. This takes less space and is comparatively thinner.  The bladed wiring increases visibility. Bladed bullseye improves the gameplay to a considerate level. 
This reduces bounce outs and increases the playable area.  When buying a dartboard, be sure to be on the lookout for boards with bladed wiring.

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