how to play 301 darts

How To Play 301 Darts??

Although many games can be played on a dartboard, the 301 is one of the most coveted out of all dart games. 301 is one of the standard #01 games. It used to be played at World Darts Federation (WDF), tournaments until recently. Today, we’ll discuss how to play 301 darts. 301 is an apt game for beginners who look to increase their proficiency. Advanced players who are in for a quick match can also play this game.

Terms To Be Familiar With

Bullseye: The centre circle on the dartboard.
Double In: Landing a hit on the double segment on the dartboard.
Double Out: Reducing the score to exactly zero by landing a hit on the double segment.
Straight In: Landing a hit on any number.The objective of the game
The objective of the 301 games is to reduce 301 points to zero.

how to play 301 dart

Rules Of The Game

Players: 2 people or 2 teams, with each player throwing three darts each.
The order of the play is decided by a coin toss or by throwing a bullseye. The player who throws closest to the bull goes first and the player who throws the farthest goes last. The game starts when a player throws a double. This means that the player must hit the outer ring on the board.

This counts as double the number hit. After the player “double in”, each point they earn gets subtracted from 301. To finish the game, the player must reduce the score to exactly zero. The ending throw must also be a double. This is called “double out”. If the final throw reduces the points to less than zero, the score will revert to what it was before the final throw.



The dartboard has sections from 1-20, with a double and triple section for each number. If a double-section is hit, it counts for twice the number and if a triple is hit, it counts for thrice the number. The bullseye counts for 50 points. The outer bull is for 25 points.


The most widely given suggestion for the 301 games is that the player should aim to “double in” quickly. This would give the player ample time to experiment and strategize their throws. Aim for the higher numbers during the initial part of the game.

This would not only help the player to reduce their scores but also help them to get an early “double out”. Keeping a record of the outs, called an “out chart”, can help a player. Memorizing the out-number sequences can also be helpful. Finally, make sure to keep it cool. Getting stressed out can bum your game.


301 is an exceptional game: it acts as a starting space for beginners and advanced players can use it for practice.
Even though 501 games are played in the league, it is longer and can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner.

If you are an absolute beginner, consider starting with a “straight in” instead of a “double in”. But, it would be better if you learn to “double in” as almost all the dart games require a “double In”. I hope this helped. Happy gaming!

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