how to play 501 darts

How To Play 501 Darts?

The 501 dart game is one of the most popular among all the dart games played across the world. It is so common that the World Dart Federation (WDF) has chosen 501 darts as the standard game to be played in their tournaments. Well, today we’ll see, how to play 501 darts game along with the rules and regulations which should be followed.
It is a fun and easy game to play and learn too!

Terms You Should Be Familiar With

Bullseye: The centre circle on the dartboard.
Double In: Landing a hit on the double segment on the dartboard.
Double Out: Reducing the score to exactly zero by landing a hit on the double segment.
Straight In: Landing a hit on any number.
Bust: Landing a hit that gets more points than required to win or reaching zero without landing a double. The turn is forfeited and the points get reverted.
Checkout: Scoring exactly the points required to win.

501 darts

Objective Of The Game

The objective of the game is to reduce the score of 501 to zero before your opponent.

Rules And Regulations To Follow

Players: Two or more individual players or teams of players
The order of the play is determined by throwing a bull. The players are required to throw at the bullseye. The player who lands a hit nearest to the bullseye goes first. The player who hits the farthest goes last. If there are only two players or two teams, the order can be decided by a coin toss.
The player has to double in.

As mentioned before, double in means that the player has to land a double of any number for their points to start reducing. This is mandatory for all the standard #01 games. To finish the game the player has to double out. This means that the player has to score a double and at the same time, reduce his score to exactly zero to win the game. If the player doesn’t manage to do this, the throw is considered to be a bust and the player is required to start the game from the previous score.

501 dart


The dartboard has segments 1-20, with a double and triple segment for each number. The double counts for twice the number and the triple counts for thrice the number. The inner bull is for 50 points. The outer bull counts 25 points.

Additional Tips

501 dart game tests your ability to be consistent with scoring high points. When you are playing 501 darts, always aim for the bigger scores. This means you have to aim for the triple segments. This helps you reduce your points fast. Always look to plan ahead with your throws.

Since you have to score a double and make your points zero at the same time, using standard checkout options will help you win.But be warned, experienced players have these at the back of their hands, and when going against them, be careful to keep your cool. As always, basic mathematics will give you an edge.


501 darts, being a tournament game, has standard rules set by the World Darts Federation. While practising, you must follow those rules to be on the safe ground.
Keep Practising! Happy Playing!

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